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Why is digital marketing so important for HR and Recruitment?

Welcome to the final instalment of our launch series!

In this episode Stacey Bevan talks us through why digital marketing is so important for the HR & Recruitment industry and why she thinks its an opportunity being missed by many HR & Recruitment departments and companies across Europe.

Her insight and advice will be invaluable to all those in the HR & Recruitment industries and we even find out how Stacey can help all of those interested in learning more and becoming experts in digital marketing for themselves.

We really hope you've enjoyed our partnership launch series. We've really enjoyed making it and sharing it with you all! If you have any feedback for us please share!

If you have any questions or would like to make a request that we do a new interview or even series on your indsutry and how digital marketing could help please reach out! We're really keen to hear from everyone.

That's it from us for now but keep your eyes peeled for more great content and new announcements coming soon!

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